Effective massage on the abdomen and side

ماساژ لاغری شکم و پهلو

Massage is always accompanied by a reduction in stress and anxiety, and this has been confirmed by various scientific studies. Previously, massage was only used to reduce stress and anxiety, but today research has found many different reasons for massage. A new issue raised in these days is weight loss and fat burning with massage. It is true that there is no valid scientific research that proves that weight loss is also effective, but there are many who have been able to achieve their goal of weight loss. In this article, we are going to discuss abdominal and adipose massages and introduce the types of effective masks to accompany you.

                                                                                           Abdominal and flaccid massage

ماساژ لاغری شکم و پهلو

Different types of massage for weight loss are used in different parts of the world. In this article, we will only state the ways in which valid scientific sources have been approved.

Lymphatic drainage massage

Lymph is a kind of fluid in the human body that helps fight the body with various diseases. Lymph drainage massage improves the movement of this fluid around the body, which in turn reduces the risk of dilated strokes. In France, this type of massage is used as lumbar and abdominal massage. There is not much scientific research to confirm this, but in one of the papers by the European Academy of Skin Journal in 2010, this is rightly pointed out. This article states that lymphatic drainage massage can help reduce subcutaneous fat. Of course, do not expect weight loss and fast fat loss, because it’s time consuming.

Aromatherapy Massage and Weight Loss

Aromatherapy massage is a type of lumbar and abdominal massage. In 2007, the well-known and accredited magazine of the Korean Nursing Academy published an essay on the great impact of aromatherapy massage in the abdomen and abdomen. This article states that if this type of massage is done with grapefruit oil, it will have a great effect on the abdominal and flaccid weight. Of course, this research is not comprehensive and requires more research, but with reference to this article it can be said that aromatherapy massage can also be used for abdomen and adiposity.

ماساژ لاغری شکم و پهلو

Abdominal massage and constipation

In 2011, the magazine “Bodywork and Movement Therapies” published an article in which the effect of abdominal massage on the improvement of constipation is mentioned. This article does not emphasize a particular type of massage and all of the abdominal massages include this. The author writes in this article:

Abdominal massage improves the passage of food in the digestive system, which also results in the treatment of constipation.

It’s true that this does not reduce weight but can make you feel better. Constipation causes breakage and burning of the stomach, with the treatment of this disease you can look slimmer than what you see.

ماساژ شکم و یبوست

Standard Massage Equipment

Old researches about massagers were not able to prove the effect of such devices on weight loss. But today, with the advancement of science as well as the improvement of massager devices, this has been a reality, and one can dare say that massages can be used for weight loss. This statement also includes the abdominal region and the side. Another advantage to the massaging devices is that, in addition to slimming and fat burning, the muscle also develops.

دستگاه ماساژور برای لاعری شکم و پهلو

As one of the most reputable companies in the field of selling massagers, irest will help you to buy massages that are suitable for slimming and abdominal pain. It is advisable to consult with the company’s consultants for free before buying a massager machine to make the right purchase in any respect.

Slimming is just one of the benefits of using a massager device. Reducing stress and anxiety, improving blood circulation and reducing the likelihood of heart attacks, relieving fatigue, and increasing metabolism are other benefits of using standard massager devices.

دستگاه ماساژور لاغری شکم و پهلو

The function of the various massagers is set so that the body is not harmful and you can use it with ease.


Although massage is generally safe, some people should avoid this, including people with bleeding disorders, blood clots in the legs, heart or kidney failure, skin problems, soft tissue infections or surface veins. . Also, people who have had a recent surgery, people with cancer, people with a rheumatoid arthritis or osteoporosis should go to a doctor before taking a massage.

In the case of abdominal massages, it should be noted that doing this massage is prohibited for pregnant women, people suffering from urinary tract infections, high blood pressure, and abdominal hernia.

Of course, many of these cases do not include the use of massagers because these types of devices are made with the science of the day. It’s best to consult your doctor before using any massage.

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