Complications and problems of office work and sitting at the table

Complications and problems of office work and sitting at the desk:

Continuous ejaculation on the chair and working with the computer will not only affect the eyes, it will also cause permanent disruption of movement.

The disease is a disorder that affects the muscles, tendons and neck nerves, upper and lower parts of the waist, shoulders and arms.


Increasing the sense of chronic pain or bruising occurs as the movement and activities of the muscles and muscles become disturbed, and the person becomes infected with paralysis and can not do their daily routine.

An expert on bone surgeons says that if a person sit on the chair for a long time, it may be justified with problems such as early fatigue, pain and neck weakness, loss of fitness, reduced blood circulation, reduced cardiovascular output and digestive problems.

Behind the desk these days have become vast and, unfortunately, the harmful effects on the body of people are seen more and more day by day.

When the body of your computer is bent too far forward when working with the body, the shoulders and neck muscles can not keep the head off. Remember that most of the pain in the neck and back is when you are working with a computer because of Incorrect body placement on the chair and behind the table.

Even when you sit perfectly in the right way, sitting in a solanaceous position in one place can cause complications for your body by blocking blood flow.






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