Types of massage and its miraculous benefits

ماساژور گردن

The benefits of massage are so abundant and unique that it can safely be called a miracle. In general, massage to regular, regular and systematic movements on the superficial and deep layers of the body to influence the nervous, muscular, skin, joints, vessels, tendons and ligaments to enhance performance, promote relaxation and help with the treatment of a disease. Special is used. Stay tuned for massage and benefits in more detail…

Benefits of Massage and Its Miracles

فواید ماساژ بر روی قسمت‌های مختلف بدن

In this section, we will write about the benefits of massage, a massage that is spoken of in these days and can leave fatigue after a busy day. So all people with a disease or those who do not want to experience a disease are sure to accompany us at the end of this article.

A wonderful phenomenon called Massage

Body massage is usually considered as part of complementary and alternative medicine. Massage and massage therapy is an old way to relieve pain such as pain in joints, muscles and lower back, neck, headache and, in general, all the pains in the muscular and nervous areas of the body. Hence, without exaggeration, it can be called a miracle and an accelerator of treatment. The body produces serotonin naturally by massage, this chemical has a soothing effect. In addition, the lack of deep sleep is the main cause of pain in the body, which massage therapy improves sleep quality, which makes the patient tolerate less deep sleep and less pain.

انواع ماساژ و فواید ماساژ

According to researcher’s research on the benefits and benefits of massage, massage therapy can help relieve symptoms such as anxiety, headache, myofascial pain syndrome, soft tissue injury or injury, sports injury, temporomandibular joint pain and musculoskeletal pain syndrome.

Massage, in addition to its therapeutic properties, enhances comfort, relaxation and comfort, which is a pleasure to enjoy massage. Although the benefits of massages are numerous, it’s not to be forgotten that it cannot be replaced by medical treatments, but as a complement to the treatment, there is a miracle, and why.

In addition to pain relief, body massage reduces anxiety and improves quality of life. It seems that the mechanism of massage for taxiing pain is biomechanical, psychological, neurobiological and physiological factors.

انواع ماساژ و فواید آن

Types of massage

After this introduction and relative familiarity with the benefits of massage, it is better to know the types of massage. Massage has many different types, each of which has its own benefits and applications.


Massages are usually done in two types of gentle and intense massage. In the following, we will introduce some of the famous massages of both groups.

Massage of California, Slalom, Thai and Watsu are gentle massage and shiatsu massage, sports, Swedish and deep massage are intense massage.



California massage

This massage is accompanied by gentle and backward strokes, with little pressure on this type of massage. In this type of massage, the whole body is relaxed and your mind comes to a relative calm. This type of massage is the best way to rest your nerves and achieve relaxation.


Stylish massage


This type of massage engages with the muscles and expands them, and adjusts blood circulation by gentle scrubbing and increases your consciousness. This gentle massage, in addition to relaxing the muscles and the nervous system, stimulates the lymph nodes and vessels, which results in more taxine excretion.

Thai massage

Thai massage is one of the most popular massages in the world. In this type of massage, all muscles of the body are drawn and the joints of the body are opened and closed. This type of massage takes your body from the drought and returns the body’s energy level to normal. Thai massage is recommended to people who spend most of their time at the table.


Vetsu massage

This type of massage is for the time when you are floating in water and you want to relax. In massage and teaspoon, the person lifts in hot water and massage exercises.

Excellent massage benefits and all sorts of it

فواید ماساژ بر روی قسمت‌های مختلف بدن

Shiatsu massage

We will go to Shiatsu for various types of massage. This type of massage works on more points and more fingers. Shiatsu massage is a well-known Japanese massage that also works on circulation and joints stretching. This massage strengthens the body’s defense system and protects the person against back pain, headaches, nouns and dorsal stiffness. This is a great massage for today’s hard working world


Swedish massage

This massage, which is more often called exercise, penetrates the depth of the muscles and bones and accelerates the flow of blood. This type of massage reduces the time of recovery from damage to the muscles, increases uric acid and lactic acid rejection, and ultimately increases elasticity of the ligament and yellow.


Sports Massage

Other types of massage are a simple sport. It is true that this massage is a general massage, but it is most commonly used for athletes and combines both Swedish and Shiatsu massage. This type of massage focuses on the specific muscles of the athlete. This massage removes laxity from the person being massaged and heals sports damage. In addition, this type of massage will prevent swelling of different parts of the body.

فواید ماساژ بر روی قسمت‌های مختلف بدن

After reading the famous massages in the world, read on the benefits of massage for various body parts.

Benefits of massage on different parts of the body

The benefits of massages are very diverse and numerous, and you can see the effects of massage on different parts of the body.

The positive effect of massage on the nervous system

One of the effects of massage in the body is the effect on the nervous system and its balance. Massage can improve the effects on nervousness, disorders such as insomnia, tension, headaches, and other illnesses caused by mental stress.

Massage effects for the musculoskeletal system

One of the other benefits and benefits of massaging the body is its effect on the musculoskeletal system. Massage can help stretch and energize the muscles and strengthen them for elasticity. Massage also helps in relieving spasticity and muscle cramps.

Massage for joints and skeletal system

Massage helps maintain body standing, agility and relieves the condition of the arthritis

تاثیرات ماساژ روی بدن

Positive effect of massage for the circulatory system

Massage accelerates and exacerbates circulation throughout the body, reduces pressure on the vessels and improves circulation. In addition, massage reduces heart rate and improves blood pressure and thus strengthens the heart.

The effects of massage on the respiratory and digestive system

By rhythm massage, breathing will be slow and deep. In addition, massage prevents constipation and strengthens the muscles of the intestine, which secretes food digestion in the liver, pancreas, stomach and intestines.

Benefits of massage for the skin and tissues of the cell under the skin

Stimulates the massaging of the glandular fluid and, by reinforcing it, eliminates subcutaneous toxins. It also enlarges the pores of the skin by massage, and increases breathing, softness and tensile strength of the skin.

انواع ماساژ و بررسی فواید ماساژ

Massage therapy is one of the methods used to manage and relieve chronic pain. The experience and results of scientific massage therapy, which is evolving these days, has been shown to be effective in relieving the pain of patients with bone and muscle aches, headaches, deep pain and spinal pain, even more than acupuncture and physiotherapy.

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