Types of baby massage and its benefits

انواع ماساژ نوزاد و فواید آن

Before babies can understand the language, we communicate with them through tactile sensations, and so they will relieve their need for communication and affection. For example, if a child cries, the parents calm them through the caress and embrace. Baby massage is part of this natural process. Baby massage is a lovely way to enjoy the time with the baby, which helps you communicate with them and relieve calming. Learn more about the types of baby massage and its benefits in this article.


                                                                                 Types of baby massage and its benefits

انواع ماساژ نوزاد و فواید آن

What is a baby massage?

The massage of the baby involves a gentle, uniform, and balanced movement of the baby’s body through the movement of the hands. For this, you may gently massage your baby’s ankles, wrists and fingers by moving your hands. It’s also possible to whisper or sing words for your baby during massage to make your baby feel more comfortable and safe. Baby massage is an amazing and effective way to communicate and love. Newborns will soon realize that these gentle contacts represent the love of those around them. This improves the performance of the baby at an early age. Because he relaxes and calms down, and improves the immune function and strengthens his bones and muscles.

فواید انواع ماساژ نوزاد

Benefits of baby massage

Baby massage was introduced in maternity wards about 30 years ago to support the improvement of the performance of early infants in intensive care units. A 2004 study showed that babies in intensive care units undergoing massage therapy had better results in postpartum tests and complications.


Today, there is a widespread belief that massaging a child can increase the awareness of a mother from her child’s needs. Also, the types of massage the baby can improve her health. If you are suffering from postpartum depression or other mental health issues as a baby mother, massage therapy is a great help for you. Evidence on these points is undeniable, but parents say they consider the baby’s massage a friendly way to communicate with their child. Premature babies who receive massages by professional massage therapists can benefit from the following benefits, which we propose to keep up with …

Enhancing self-esteem and calming

Physical communication caused by massage and contact with the child, also creates a feeling of calm and confidence in parents. The non-verbal communication that you always make during your child’s massage will clarify the interactive and two-way communication spark, as long as this relationship can continue in the future between you and you. Massage in addition to creating a sense of relaxation in the baby will also help to increase the confidence of the child at an older age.

Weight Gain

Infant massage can help the baby gain more weight. Getting good nutrition for premature babies is difficult because they are very small at birth and have an immature gastrointestinal system, but experiments have shown that massage and massage therapy can have a positive effect on this.

ماساژ نوزاد

Shortening the baby’s presence in the intensive care unit

Child care in the intensive care unit, despite being necessary for him, something that parents emotionally satisfied with it, and the other hand holding the baby in this section costly for parents to bring and causes the baby and his family member’s valuable time Lose communication and links. Studies have shown that babies who receive massage therapy typically have less time left in this area and will go home sooner.

Increased bone density

Premature infants who receive massage therapy may have stronger bones than those who do not receive massage. This is especially important for babies who are at risk of fractures and bone disease during growth.

فواید ماساژ نوزاد

Child health and better immune response

Research on the types of infant massage and its benefits suggest that massage may have beneficial effects on its immune system. Also, the benefits of baby massage physiology include better breathing for the baby, improved lymph and circulation and digestive function.


                                                                                                     Types of baby massage

Baby massage, like massage for adults, has many types that need to be given to the baby according to the needs and benefits of its treatment and health. Below are some types of baby massage that is performed on different parts of the baby’s body.

ماساژ پای نوزاد

Baby foot massage

The baby’s legs are a good place to start the massage because they are less sensitive to other parts of the body. To do this, wrap your hands around one of his thighs and lower the ankle, lower the hands one after the other and bring them a gentle pressure. Repeat the same for the other leg. Massage of the legs of the baby does not end only on her thighs, and includes massaging the area below the ankle, foot, and toes.

Hold a foot and massage it slowly down the ankle, and slowly rotate it several times in each direction. Then massage the child’s foot from wrists to toes, and repeat the same for the other leg. To start massage the baby’s sole, use your thumb to massage the floor of each leg and massage with your circular motions. Massage both legs all over the floor in this form, and in the final step of foot massage, it’s time to massage your toes. To finish foot massage, slip each baby’s thumb between her thumb and her forehead and gently pull until your fingers slip from the bottom of the baby’s finger. Do this for all 10 fingers.

ماساژ دست نوزاد

Baby Hand Massage

Hand massage is a good way for your baby to feel safe and enjoy the touch. Massage of the hands, as well as massage, involves steps including massage of the hands (arm), palms and fingers. To get started, hold one of your baby’s arms and gently pull it from your armpit to your wrists. Then, grab his hand and gently turn the wrist a few times in any direction. Repeat this move for another hand. So, massage your baby’s palm, with your thumbs down, draw circular motions around the floor of each hand. At the last step of baby massage, gently swing your baby’s finger between your thumb and forefinger, and pull it out to slide your finger over your fingers. Do this for all your fingers.

ماساژ قفسه سینه و شکم نوزاد

Massage of chest and abdomen

Chest massage with baby’s abdominal massages. To put the palms on your palm, put it on your shoulders and place it on the child’s heart. Then open your hands and gently spread the palms of your chest and pull it down. Repeat this several times. Then place the palm of one hand over the child’s chest and gently pull it down from chest to thigh. Repeat this move several times. Massage of the baby’s abdomen helps in digestion and abdominal problems.

ماساژ کمر و پشت نوزاد

Massage of the waist and back of the baby

The massage of the waist and back of the baby also has many benefits to the baby’s health and well-being. To do this, sit the baby on his stomach. Using your fingertips, draw small circles on the sides of your spine, from neck to hips. Repeat this move a few times to get dear to you.

نکات مهم در ماساژ نوزاد

Important points in baby massage

The baby is very sensitive to the body and failure to observe certain specific points can be detrimental to her health. To do this, we’ll list some of the important things you should do before you do all kinds of baby massage and massage in the list below.

  • Note for the massage, the baby should be completely asleep. That is, your beloved, you should not be hungry or completely alive. You should not be insomuch that you have been ruined.
  • Leave the jewelry and ornaments that may damage the subtle body before doing massage.
  • Also, the nails of the hands should not be long and should be washed with water and soap before doing massage.
  • The room temperature should be around 26 degrees Celsius so the baby does not feel cold.
  • The child’s body should be placed on a soft, clean surface. But note that this level is not so soft that the baby’s body falls into it.
  • Never massage a sick child, especially a febrile baby. Hugging them in these conditions is more relaxing for them.
  • Stop feeling the massage if you feel the baby gets annoyed by massage. The duration of massage can last from 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the baby’s tendency.

We are glad to thank you for bringing up your new baby massage at the end of this lesson.

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