6 Questions to ask yourself time of buying a massager

راهنمای خرید ماساژور

Perhaps your body has been suffering from tiredness and stress due to stress, and you can no longer tolerate it. Or maybe you have a chronic stress disorder that affects your health and your quality of life, and whatever reason you are thinking of buying a massager. Read the shopping guide for a massager in this article to get a good, realistic purchase.


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راهنمای خرید ماساژور

Since the advent of massager devices to today, they have undergone many changes and improvements, and has gradually expanded its technology to meet the needs of its users. Massage chairs are nowadays designed with many features and benefits, but their comparison and contrast for purchase may seem a bit tedious. When we decide to buy a massager, we have to examine a lot of factors and limit our choices. Here are some questions as a guide to buying a massager that you should ask yourself before you buy to limit your choices.

Where will the bought massager be?

The first question before buying a massager chair is that you have to consider where you will put it in your home or company. Since these chairs are not just a normal chair, you must open space for it in the bedroom, living room, office or any other place before buying. In this case, you may need to talk to your family members to find the best place to use the chair.

Some massage chairs that have a wall-hugging feature allow you to fully approach the wall. But if it’s not possible to buy a chair, it should be about 12 to 18 inches away from the wall to be completely trimmed, and that’s what you should keep in mind about where it’s used. Also, before you make a purchase, if you want to keep it on the top, make sure there is no problem going through the staircase.

Who will use the massager?

If you and your family members are modest in height and weight, there will be no problem and you can use almost any massage chair. However, if one of the people who permanently uses the chair is too tall, short or very large, the choice will be a bit harder. If you are looking for the best massage chair for tall men, you should choose a chair that can fit your height.

While it’s always the case that short stature is suitable for any situation, it may not be the case. If a family member is very short, then seats with fixed rollers will not be appropriate. In this case, we recommend choosing a chair with Body Scan technology.

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راهنمای خرید صندلی ماساژ

Which massage features are important to you?

The best way to answer this question as a guide to buying a massager is to first think of why you decide to buy a massager. If you need it as a relief for your lower nervous pains, you should pay attention to this feature that massage the massage chair, lower back and hips. Or if you need to use it for foot pain, then a massage chair with a foot roller may be better for you.

If you decide to buy a massage therapist to prescribe a therapist for your back and shoulder, then it’s clear that your choice of seat should have this feature. Those who have their spinal cord or those who need to improve their heart and neck have to look for Zero Gravity. This property means that when the chair is in a longevity position, body weight is divided into the whole body and the person feels light.


So before you buy a massage chair, first find your priorities and consider when you need what you are and for what you want to buy this device with yourself, and based on the same need and the same priority, the choice of device rating Enter.

What kind of massage do you need?

The type of massage is also one of the most important factors in the purchase of a massager. Massage chairs have different massage techniques and may be important to you. Below are some examples of these techniques that most massage chairs use.

  • Shiatsu: This method of fingerprint is used in traditional Eastern medicine and applies pressure to the same acupuncture points.
  • Swedish: This type of massage refers to a set of techniques designed to calm the muscles by using deep pressure and gentle rubbing.
  • Rowling: The most common form of massage that is used behind the massage chair is the rollers that apply pressure to warm and relax the muscles.
  • Impact: Fast and intermittent strokes are applied to release muscle tension.
  • Rubbing: Stretching and rubbing are applied to relieve pain and muscle tension. This method improves blood circulation and eliminates toxins.

راهنمای خرید صندلی ماساژ

How much can you spend?

Massage chairs and armchairs are among the most expensive devices. So when you want to buy this device, you need to know how much you have and how much money you plan to buy. When you make this estimate, you can focus on models and designs and brands. If your budget is limited, focus on models that have key points and basic features on those devices, and if you do not have a budget deficit and are important to you, you can review different models and open your hands for purchase. .

It should be noted that this is not always the most expensive device can not be the best and most quality massage chair. So before you make your purchase, check its features and specifications thoroughly, review the quality of the programs, and the country of the manufacturer of the information. Check its features and important points and be sure to investigate which according to specifications The device is priced appropriately for that device.

How much after sales service do you care?

Some people do not want to be in touch with others after buying another product and are happy with their purchase. While some people always tend to be in touch with the company, this gives them a safer feel for the product they are buying. So if you are one of these people, be sure to do research before buying and choosing a chair and massager. We are always welcome to speak to you at Irest Company.

راهنمای خرید صندلی ماساژ

Where to buy a Massage Chair?

Today, with the pervasiveness of social networks and the development of the Internet, it is not necessary to spend more time and look for massagers in the market. We can identify brands with some research on the Internet and examine their prices and specifications. The best thing about this is to look at the masses of the Ayrest collection in the product section and compare their features and specifications with other massagers. You can also contact our online support at the website. The experts in the field will welcome you with the best wishes and will do their best to help you choose and buy. Thanks for contacting us with the Massage Guide.

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