The unbelievable benefits of massaging your fingers

ماساژ انگشتان دست

Chinese medicine has surpassed all medical sciences for centuries. But unfortunately, in many countries this science is still not well-established. However, everyone can ensure their health by using the techniques they seek and restore their lost health. One of these techniques is the massage of the fingers and we will also take advantage of the massage of the fingers.

In traditional Chinese medicine, certain parts of the human body are responsible for certain organs, and we can guarantee the health of these organs by massaging them. A one-minute massage on a daily basis can bring us the feeling of comfort that day.

If you want to believe in these sayings, just start your massage with your fingers. The benefits of massaging your fingers are far beyond what you imagine and you can ensure your health with this special massage. Many people think that the only benefit to massaging the various parts of the body is to feel comfortable and relieve fatigue, if you also have the idea to accompany us to express some of the benefits of massage your fingers.

                                                                                           Benefits of Massaging Fingers

فواید ماساژ انگشتان دست

As noted above, in the pursuit of Chinese posterity, every point in the body is responsible for certain organs. This applies to fingers. Each finger of our body is connected to a specific part and by massage each finger, we can improve the health of that part and send pleasant signals. In the following, we will express the benefit of massage each finger for you individually.


According to Traditional Medicine, the thumb is responsible for the heart and lungs of humans. If your heart rate rises, you can turn your beat back to normal by massaging this finger. Also, the massage of this finger will also affect the recovery of the pain.

ماساژ انگشت شست

Index Finger

The two fingers point out the responsibility of the digestive system and abdominal pain. This means that if you have problems with your digestive system or if you have trouble digesting your food, you can massage your fingertips to quickly resolve these problems.

ماساژ انگشت اشاره

middle finger

Concern is the blood circulation finger. During nausea, dizziness or insomnia, massage the middle finger to eliminate these problems or at least reduce them …

فواید ماساژ انگشت وسط

Ring finger

The ring finger has a duty to control our mood. If you have depression or anxiety, you can massage this finger. According to some sources, the lymphatic system can also be improved by massaging the finger. The lymphatic system is responsible for the movement of toxic and dirty substances from the body and the filtering organs.

ماساژ انگشت حلقه

Small finger massage

This finger can improve kidney function and help improve headaches. For example, it is recommended that patients with kidney disease in China regularly massage their little finger. Our eastern brothers, the Japanese, do the same for the headache.

Chinese people say that small finger massage also reduces pain. And if you want to lose weight, you can massage your left toes with your finger.

فواید انگشت کوچک

In China, many doctors recommend this type of massage to their patients for their knowledge of the benefits of massaging their fingers. You can also massage your hands daily to benefit from these benefits.


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