The 16th International Sports and Equipment Exhibition


The 16th International Sport and Equipment Exhibition with the Approach “Lifestyle and Health Improvement” will be held from Shahrivar 13th to 16th in Imam Khomeini’s Era.


At the exhibition, domestic manufacturers, with manufacturers from 13 countries, offer their latest products.

At the 16th International Sport and Sport Exhibition, sports media companies will be present alongside more than 120 manufacturers.

Promotion of sports and the championship, the development of sporting venues, the presentation of the latest achievements and technologies in the field of sports and sports equipment, familiarization with the advances made in the field of sports equipment, creating a competitive environment and improving the quality of products and sports equipment The most important goals of the 16th International Exhibition of Sports and Sports equipment.


Representatives from Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland, Japan, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, South Korea, China, Turkey, Russia and Italy are exposed to the exhibition in the mosque of Imam Khomeini (Rahmaullah Aliyah). Display.


The holding of a specialized workshop with the presence of officials and experts and domestic and foreign experts is one of the side plans of the 16th International Sport and Sporting Exhibition.


The exhibition is open every day from 10:00 to 19:00 from the 13th to 16th of Shahrivar in the sports and sports field.