Guasha massage

Guasha in Chinese means scratching the skin to a reddish-so-called “fatty” massaging by a glossy tool that has a special application in traditional Chinese medicine. In this method, the skin of the area first is impregnated with oils that have a therapeutic effect. Usually, a base oil is used as a carrier and a mixture of several oils with special therapeutic effects. The type of treatment oil is chosen based on the patient’s main problem and her body’s natural characteristics. The most commonly used oils are almond oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil, cumin, ginger, cinnamon, lavender, rose, seaweed, egg yolk and the like. Then the fatty skin is massaged on special routes with the help of special instruments. The device was traditionally used from buffalo horns, cows or saiga (extinct mammalian ruminant family). Today, stone, wood or plastic tools are used for this purpose.


Gawachea helps with treating diseases such as muscle spasm, vertebral pains, migraines, wrinkles and drooping of the species and abdomen by increasing regional blood flow and contributing to blood flow and Qi in special routes (meridians). He does. This treatment also applies to detoxification and relaxation.


After treatment, there may be redness or bruising for several hours to a few days, which is usually painless and in itself disappears. While it’s therapeutic effect has long been stable.