Amazing Turmeric Properties

Amazing Turmeric Properties

Remedies for Acne:

Make a mixture of aloe vera and turmeric powder and leave it for 15 minutes on acne.

Hair Strengthening:

Make turmeric and a natural vegetable oil and leave for 30 minutes on the hair.

Whitening teeth:

Tooth brush with turmeric and olive oil.

flu treatment:

Heat the flaxseed and turmeric oil and eat it.

Weight Loss:

A half teaspoon turmeric + a glass of milk + a little bit of honey; drink it twice a day.

Wound healing and burn:

Make turmeric, ginger and dough water and put on the stomach.

Skin rejuvenation:

Mix turmeric, honey and milk evenly and put the mask on the face.

Reducing joint pain:

1 tablespoon + half a spoon of turmeric + garlic; place on the pain.

Cancer Prevention:

Take the mixture of turmeric, olive oil and black pepper into the salad and eat.