What to Eat When Having Diarrhea – Pay Attention

 Eating too many spicy foods or just not the right food can cause people to suffer from diarrhea. This is a disease that can attack people digestive systems causing their stomach not feeling well. Diarrhea mostly occurs after eating something poisoning which does not suit the stomach. Even though Diarrhea is not a dangerous disease, people should prevent this from happening. What to eat when having diarrhea is very important because it can determine whether it will get worse or better.  

What to eat when having diarrhea

People can easily stop diarrhea by consuming a certain type of medicine. However, if people do not change their lifestyle then the disease can occur again in the future. Therefore, rather than just treating it know what to eat when having diarrhea. This will help the treatment now and also help prevent it in the future. Here are some foods that people must consume to help reduce diarrhea:

1. Boiled Potatoes

When it comes to diarrhea, usually people will lose a lot of energy and liquid. Therefore, to add some energy to the body to consume boiled eggs to get some carbo. People can consume this as much as they want because it is will not make diarrhea worse. Just make sure to add other nutrition to complete the meal.

2. Hot Cereals or Oatmeal

Another source of healthy carbo is from hot cereals or oatmeal. Consuming something warm when the stomach is not right can calm the stomach and make it feel better. Therefore, to get both a better stomach and carbo consume hot cereal or oatmeal. However, make sure that after consuming this your diarrhea doesn’t get worse. If it does, then stop the oatmeal and continue with the cereal.

3. Bananas 

One of the fruits that is ok to eat when you have diarrhea is banana. Other fruits can cause diarrhea to become worse, therefore avoid eating them. Whereas banana is one of the bland types of fruits that is safe for people who have diarrhea. People can consume the fruit itself or mix it with oatmeal to make it taste better. 

4. Plain Rice

What to eat when having diarrhea is plain rice without any seasoning. The flavor of the food may not feel good but this is best for your health. Consuming plain rice can fasten the treatment of diarrhea, therefore try to consume it. Add some chicken or fish with it to make the meal more interesting and delicious. 

5. Crackers

For those who don’t want something heavy to eat can choose crackers to eat. This kind of snack is easy to find and consume. However, make sure to consume the unsalted flavor to prevent too much salt. People can consume a lot of this snack if they don’t feel eating big meals. 

So, what to eat when having diarrhea is very important because it can determine whether it will get better. Try not to choose foods that contain too much acid and fat. Also, avoid eating chocolate and spicy food to prevent making it worse. Don’t forget to drink a lot too because usually, people lose a lot of liquid at this period.