Natural Ways To Remove Kidney Stones with Home Remedies

Kidney stones are a common problem that can occur for men and women. However, research has shown that the probability to occur in men is bigger than in women. Well whether the patient is a man or s woman, having kidney stones in the body is painful. Kidney stone in the body is a crystal made from waste and solid materials that pile up in the body. It can be painful and disturb people’s health, but there are natural ways to remove kidney stones you can do on your own.

natural ways to remove kidney stones

The size of a kidney stone is a variance from small to big ones in the body. Usually the bigger it is the more painful it will be for people, so when it is still small people don’t feel anything. However, this can be dangerous and not healthy for the body. Therefore, people must understand the way the signs of kidney stones. And knows the natural ways to remove kidney stones that they can do. Here are some of the easiest and simple ways to remove them:

1. Keep Hydrated

One of the keys to remove crystal stones in the body is by making sure your body is hydrated. Therefore, make sure to always consume enough liquid for the body whether especially if you have many activities. However, one of the important things people must do is drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. This is a simple way to keep hydrated and will help remove the stone slowly. 

2. Cut off Salt

A way to help remove and get rid of kidney stones is by cutting salt. The more people eat salt, the bigger the stone will be. Therefore, if people drink enough water and cut of salt, the crystal will become smaller. This way the stone can disappear on its own, even though it is slow.

3. Lemon Juice

One of the types of drinks that can help get rid of kidney stones is by drinking lemon juice. Lemon contains citrate that will help the body from performing stones. Therefore, you can make lemon juice every day or every two days to drink. Despite kidney stones, lemon juice has many benefits for the body too. So, consuming lemon juice will give many benefits to the body. 

4. Cider Vinegar

Drink cider vinegar is one of the most effective natural ways to remove kidney stones. Inside the liquid, there is citric acid which will soften and break down the stone. When the size becomes small, people can get rid of it by urine. Therefore, people should drink this at least 2x/day, but make sure you consume something before consuming this. 

5. Healthy Diet

Having a healthy life and eating nutritious food can also help remove the stone from the body. It is quite hard to remove the stone if there are many too fats in the body. However, it will become easier if people have less fat and a healthy body.

So, before going for surgery, try to do natural ways to remove kidney stones in the body. Even though it is not as fast as surgery, it is effective and cheap. So, make sure to do these steps especially if the stone is still small.