First Aid For Fracture Which Is Important To Know

The broken bone is a condition of trauma injury that is quite often encountered. A fracture occurs when one bone has cracked or broken into several parts. Broken bones are not something that threatens a person’s life, but must be addressed immediately so that his condition does not worsen. The following is the first aid for fracture that you can do.

1. Don’t Panic and Call a Medical Officer

When you see people who have broken bones, surely you will feel panicked. Especially for ordinary people who do not have information or knowledge about these conditions. However, if you see the situation, the first thing to do is not panic. The reason is that this panic will make things more chaotic so you can not think clearly.

After that, contact the medical team for help. Then make sure whether the victim has a broken bone. For example, swelling or bruising over the bone, pain in certain areas is more severe, or a broken bone protruding from the skin.

2. Do not move the victim

The first aid for fracture is not to move the victim. You must consider these things well and must not be careless. Never move a broken victim, especially if the injured part is the head, neck, or spine. This can worsen the situation of the victim. Therefore, wait for experienced medical personnel to arrive to move the victim.

If the victim has to be moved for safety, make sure the injured-part does not move or move when the transfer process goes. For example, you can tie a part of a wounded foot with a leg that is not injured, then move it.

3. Stabilize the Victim or Perform the Midwifery

The next thing you have to do is try to stabilize the victim. The trick is to install a spalk or wooden splint by wrapping it in gauze or other cloth on the injured part. The aim is that the broken bone does not move.

According to experts, you can put a spalk that passes through two joints so that the broken bone does not move and to avoid a more severe fracture. The thing to remember, do not ever try to fix broken bones and protrude out.

4. Take the victim to the hospital

The first aid for fracture is to bring the victim to the hospital. Of course, this can be done after the steps above you have done. The goal is to bring the victim to the hospital is to get help from experts. Because some cases of fractures require special treatment. For example, in neck or backbone injuries. Of course, not just anyone can handle the problem and only doctors or experts can handle it.

That was a few ways that you can do as the first aid for fracture. Indeed, this condition is not a thing that will cost the lives of its victims. However, it would be better if the victim broke the bone immediately handled properly. Because if not treated immediately will have a negative impact on the condition of the victim’s bones.